Autism Therapy and Autism Treatment

People with Autism are faced with challenges that separate them from others in the community at large. Programs developed for fun are often either unavailable or time  is filled with traditional forms of Autism Therapy and Autism Treatment. Recreation, self-expression when and if available can be rigid, not a fluid process that allows the individual to express the thoughts and feelings held in their minds to  be brought to fruition. Additional opportunities have become available.

Art therapy is an expressive therapy that utilizes many mediums to stir the creative process. It is a recognized therapy in which professionals are licensed and follow a strict Code of  Ethics.  It has been a recognized form of therapy since the 1940’s. To become an art therapist, she or he must fulfill the academic requirements put forth by the professional organization over seeing  the therapy type.

While involved with art therapy, the individual can benefit  by having the freedom for self-expression with out boundaries. The benefits are wide reaching. It can provide benefit in social interaction, mental and emotional aspects of their lives. Expression without judgment or restriction frees the child to make attempts at giving voice to their experience.  The freedom from traditional Autism therapies and Autism treatments can bring forth acknowledgement, increase in motor skills, use of imagination and personal satisfaction not found in his or hers normal routine.

I watched him make the holiday hat.  The colors were not the colors it was suppose to be. The cotton balls were on the wrong side.  His smile lit the room. My ignorance slapped me in the face.  Freedom for both of us came in a wave of understanding self expression.

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