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Autism Statistics

I knock on the door of a new family on my caseload. Having done intakes for years, I knew that documents I reviewed would not realistically tell me the needs of the family – especially a family who has two children with Autism. After introducing myself, the mother looking haggard and overwhelmed broke into tears …


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Rett’s Syndrome

Although Rett’s Syndrome is felt by some as not belonging under the Autism Spectrum, Autism Speaks Canada and the National Institute of Health, US recognize is as a component fitting the over all diagnosis criteria. It is a condition occurring much less often than other forms of autism, 1:10,000 –mainly girls. A number of characteristics …


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Pet Therapy

For children with Autism, pet therapy can be a beneficial form of Autism Therapy. Pets are great for the children as many have difficulty have difficulty in social situations and pets are not bound by social norms. The two can be together with no expectations on one another. Pets provide physical contact given on an …


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Good Grief

What does a parent experience when they receive the diagnosis of autism for their child? A form of expression is needed for the intense feelings that well up inside. The familiarity of loss, like a small death, shows itself. It is not unusual for a parent and family to go through the grieving process. When …


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Gluten Free Diet

A father recently told me how much more intense the behaviors of his son, who has Autism, were before he began a new diet. Prior to the diet, the son displayed violent behavior towards others and himself. Throwing vases, plates and many other objects were nearly a weekly occurrence. With his new way of eating, …


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Characteristics of Autism

For children with Autism, a cluster of characteristics exists. Two to be briefly addressed are: Speech, and Social Interaction Verbal expression for children with autism often comes late, intermittently or possibly not at all. If words are not verbally expressed, a child may find alternative ways to communicate with those around him or her. One …


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Casein Free Diet

Individuals with Autism receive Autism treatments and Autism therapy to improve the quality of life. Occupational, speech and physical therapy are a few examples the many therapy modalities available. Non-medical treatments include behavioral and educational. Medical interventions may include medication and diet. One form of diet intervention is the Casein free diet. As the name …


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Basics of Autism

Standing in the line for pre-boarding, it came over the speaker that the flight was running late. As it was only 15 minutes, I decided to stay in line. A family with 2 children stood ahead of me. I smiled at one of the boys; his eyes darted down. He then began flapping his hands …


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Autism Therapy and Autism Treatment

People with Autism are faced with challenges that separate them from others in the community at large. Programs developed for fun are often either unavailable or time  is filled with traditional forms of Autism Therapy and Autism Treatment. Recreation, self-expression when and if available can be rigid, not a fluid process that allows the individual …