Characteristics of Autism

For children with Autism, a cluster of characteristics exists. Two to be briefly addressed are: Speech, and Social Interaction

Verbal expression for children with autism often comes late, intermittently or possibly not at all. If words are not verbally expressed, a child may find alternative ways to communicate with those around him or her. One option for the family and child is to use words from sign language. Although the child may not be able to exactly form the sign, he and his family, as well as other individuals, come to understand the communication. The lack of communication or need to further development existing communication is often addressed in some form of Autism Therapy.

The ability to interact socially can be difficult or near nonexistent in individuals with Autism. Lack of eye contact is one characteristic often seen. Having no eye contact cuts the individual off from the world around her. Not being able to develop eye contact becomes an overwhelming. The child’s lack of interaction does not only exist within the external world, but also within the child. For the child, being able to relate with parents and siblings is often like that of spectator. For example, the ability to ask for help, food or let someone know that he may be sick can be non-existent. Outside of the family the child also exists in his internal world. Autism treatment may be used to assist the child to develop skills to interact socially with the world around him.

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