When thinking of a family with a child with autism, many ideas and thoughts may run through your mind. A family member may ask “why”. A teacher may have the thought of having another opportunity to help the child improve educational progress. A neighbor may have a misinformed opinion of what a child with autism is really like without meeting the child. Friends may wonder how they are able to help or if help is needed. The questions and situations are endless.

In each situation, a component of life, compassion, could improve the situation. The idea of compassion or the concerned awareness of another’s situation and a desire to improve it could be just the intervention people in the child’s life could benefit. Although the child may receive different autism therapies or autism treatments, compassion goes beyond the boundaries of a prescribed action.

For the child, family or any other individual involved with the child, being approached with an interaction led by compassion can be a more effective than all the therapies, programs, and support groups ideas they experience. An individual reaching out with no expectations only wanting to improve a situation and a desire to provide the purest form of help can be a calming experience in the whirlwind of everyday life with autism. Those touched by autism do not often have the time to seek out whey they need; this is why all of us would improve life if we walk with compassion.

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