Parental Involvement

Parents involved with their child with autism can be a valuable part of the child’s growth in the ability to build relationships. The bond between the parent and the child is not the focus, but instead an overall socialization for the child.

Recognizing the early characteristics of Autism can help in diagnosis and early autism treatment and autism therapy. With this in mind, through play a parent can bring a non-professional, heart led interaction style with the child focusing the child’s interaction with the world. Such a style based on the child’s ability, not a pathway formed by the parent, can help self-expression in a way that he is most able. The parent may begin with very basic play and slowly move to more complex. It is felt that when the child is approached at his level having less prescribed interaction may provide an opportunity to build on abilities rather than the disability. In conjunction with other therapies and treatments, the child can flourish and grow.

When the parent is engaging with the child, it is important that he does it in an environment that is most conducive to the child. As a consistent person in the child’s world, the parent has the best perspective on how child sees and responds to the world as a whole; he will know what does and doesn’t work and in what environment. With the daily interaction experienced on a consistent basis, the bond between the child and the world can be improved and socialization increased.

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