Pet Therapy

For children with Autism, pet therapy can be a beneficial form of Autism Therapy. Pets are great for the children as many have difficulty have difficulty in social situations and pets are not bound by social norms. The two can be together with no expectations on one another.

Pets provide physical contact given on an ongoing basis. The child may readily pet the dog when in other situation she chooses to touch or be touched. When relationships are hard to develop, the loyalty of the animal can be an example of interaction between two beings. Through the devotion of the animal, the child can develop a sense of trust. As a result of this trust, the child may feel more able to express more of her whole self; the pet is not judgmental.

While playing with a pet, the child may have opportunity to improve coordination, experience play with “another”, and strengthen muscles not used as a result of a more sedentary lifestyle. Not only are there physical benefits, but also emotional. A child can develop a greater sense of self confidence. Being able to care for the pet, the child can develop skills that are transferable to everyday life. A child may not have verbal skills, but may develop communication skills needed to guide the animal. Communication can be facilitated between the two without the barriers experienced in everyday life. Working with an animal may provide benefits not created by any other form of autism treatment.

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