The Transition

Challenges during the transition from high school to the academic world may be difficult for individuals with Autism, in this case Asperger’s Syndrome. A new set of skills identifying strengths and weakness need to be in place.

First, having an idea of the resources and challenges that may be found in different areas is needed. A person would need to know their knowledge base and academic interests. To best do this, a person would list their strengths and weaknesses. When they are recognized, the individual can focus on their strengths make adaptations in areas of weakness. A person may be able to listen to others, yet have difficulty in verbal self-expression. Remembering back to skills possibly learned in Autism Therapy or Autism Treatment, the person may be able to apply the skills and move forward and grow.

How to express himself behaviorally and emotionally may be an area that a person can fit into the group or continue to be isolated. In a new setting, the individual may have difficulty in an area that was strength while in school. Impulsivity, the ability not to interrupt, listening to instructions or the ability to wait for what is wanted, must be curbed. Again when an individual makes a self -assessment of strengths and needs, he will know where the need where growth to succeed is needed.

Moving into new environments, although difficult, can provide experiences that the individual can use to become successful far beyond his expectations.

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