What do I do best

What do you do best? What do you like? When is the best time of day for you to do it? So you like to be around people or not? These are just a few questions that must be asked when planning for a job for people with high functioning autism or Asperger’s.

In reality, there is no limit to what a person can do it only their expertise be found. A clear example of this is Temple Grandin, PhD. Her achievements have recently been acknowledged through a movie about her. Through the movie, people have not only been exposed to an example of success for a person with Asperger’s, but her many public appearances have been able to put a face with an expert in her field.

By discovering her strengths, just as all people with autism must, she has been able to define work that best suits her abilities and preferences. Through autism therapy and autism management, individuals can develop the skills they need to move forward to successful work. Skills may be developed through additional schooling, job training or experience in an accepting atmosphere. By being as free are possible of the misunderstanding, the teasing and ignorance, the person with Asperger’s can learn to compensate for weaknesses in social skills and be able to promote their area of expertise. Having discovered this, the many questions asked when searching for employment or additional education can be answered in a way that define the person’s outstanding traits and limits being placed in a situation that will only promote failure.

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